How to Successfully Auto-Post Instagram Content with PLANOLY

Before you can auto-post from your Instagram planning space in PLANOLY, you'll need to ensure your social accounts are set up properly to allow you to schedule your posts. Here are the 5 steps to successfully auto-post Instagram content with PLANOLY.

  1. Link an Instagram Business Account (this is something you can change in Instagram settings for your account) 
    How to Check Your Instagram Profile Type
  2. Connect a Facebook Business Page with your Instagram Business Account
    How to Set Up Auto-Post [Step 1]

  3. Make sure you're an admin for the Facebook Business Page

        How to Set Up Auto-Post [Step 2]

  4. Check that PLANOLY is listed under Business Integrations on Facebook with all toggles turned on

        How to Set Up Auto-Post [Step 3]

  5. Make sure your media is eligible for auto-post (i.e. the right size & file type)

       Instagram Auto-Post Guidelines and Limitations

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