Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions from our incredible support team.

Why Aren’t My Stories Auto-Posting to Instagram? 

Although PLANOLY is an official Instagram partner, the company still sets certain limitations on what we can and cannot do. Among those current limitations are auto-posting Stories posts. Unfortunately, we have no control over this issue at the time. But if and when Instagram lifts those restrictions, we’ll be the first to offer that feature! 

To manually post:
 At the scheduled time of your post, you will receive a mobile push notification (as long as you have these turned on via the mobile app). When clicked, it will open Instagram. From here, copy your message to your mobile device's clipboard and you will see your image/video at the top of your device’s photo feed so all you need to do is select the image/video, double-tap in the caption box to paste your message and post.
**Note: When posting via Post Now or push notification, as soon as you click the link or notification, your image is removed from your grid and placed in your History (found in the menu on the mobile app). Once you post it, Instagram then sends the image back to your PLANOLY grid as a posted image.

Can I auto-post Carousels to Instagram?

Yes! We now have the ability to auto-post carousels to Instagram only from our web dashboard! Auto-post for carousels is not yet available through our mobile app. Auto-post is only available to Instagram at this time for posts with up to 10 images.

**Note: Auto-posting carousels is not yet available for Facebook and Twitter.  

Why Is My Instagram Account Not Linking to PLANOLY?

It appears as though your settings on Instagram and Facebook or not set up correctly. If linking through the Facebook log-in is not working, you can still link your Instagram profile in an alternative way. Some features (such as auto-posting) won't be set up yet, but you can still upload, plan and schedule your content. Let's start off by linking your Instagram profile:
On a computer web browser:
  1. Go to, and make sure you are logged out.
  2. Log into your PLANOLY Web Dashboard
  3. Click on this link: Link via Instagram Login
  4. Link via the PERSONAL PROFILE option.

PLANOLY Pro Tip: Once you've linked via the personal profile option, you'll want to make sure the following settings are set up properly to activate auto-posting and authenticate with Facebook.

Auto-Post Set-up: Step 1

Auto-Post Set-up: Step 2

Auto-Post Set-Up: Step 3

How Do I Schedule a Split Image?

When scheduling an image grid, it’s important to schedule them at least 1-2 minutes apart in order. If you don’t space out the times, Instagram won’t be able to decipher the order of the images scheduled. In turn, they won’t post in the proper order. Here’s everything you need to know to use our Splitter Tool on the PLANOLY mobile app. 

Does PLANOLY Have a Referral Program?

We absolutely have a referral program. In fact, we have a referral and affiliate program. Here’s how they work:

Affiliate Program

  • 10% commission on all referrals (monthly or yearly)
  • Dashboard access to track the sales you make through your referrals
  • Portal access downloadable to visual assets to help you promote and simplify your earning commissions

Referral Program

  • You’ll receive a $10 credit per PLANOLY account that signs up for a paid plan.
  • The credit is applied towards your PLANOLY billing.
  • Go to your menu on your PLANOLY web dashboard, drop down and click on “refer a friend.”

Why Isn’t My Content Posting to Facebook?

  • Are you on a free plan? Auto-posting to your linked Facebook page is only available with our paid plans. 
  • Only auto-posted Instagram content is eligible to be directly posted to a linked Facebook Business Page.
  • You’ll need to enable auto-post to Facebook on your profile page.
  • Instagram also detects if certain apps or tools are added to a user’s profile.
  • Facebook whitelists select apps that could prohibit content from said apps or tools. Examples are specific ‘link in bio’ apps.
  • Here’s more on auto-posting your Instagram content to Facebook.

How Can I Setup a Custom Subscription?

  • Professional plans can only be purchased via the desktop version of your PLANOLY account through our billing provider. If you've previously purchased a plan through Apple's in-app subscriptions on your mobile app, you'll want to cancel and then upgrade on 
  • Professional plans start with a minimum of 2 social sets and 6 users.
  • The Professional plan starts off at $36.50/Mo billed annually at $438/Year or $43 month-to-month.
  • Each additional social set or team member/user added is an additional fee to your plan. Please see details below:
    • Incremental Users: 
      • $5/mo (Monthly)
      • $4.25/mo (Annual)

    • Incremental Social Sets (2 Instagram accounts + 2 Pinterest accounts)
      • $43/mo (Monthly)
      • $36.50/mo (Annual)

Here is more information on our paid plans! 

How Do I Get to the Hashtag Manager?

There are two ways to access our Hashtag Manager.

On mobile:

  • Click on the person icon in the bottom right-hand corner
  • Select Settings

Under social profile, tap on Hashtags

On web:

  • Log into your account and on the plan grid you'll see the # icon

Can I Switch Languages on my PLANOLY Profile?

We're looking to possibly implement language changes in the future but we currently only offer PLANOLY in English.

Does PLANOLY offer Dark Mode on iOS or Android?

Yes, The PLANOLY App has a dark mode for Android and iOS. Dark Mode is shown based on your device settings. You can also switch between light and dark modes in your PLANOLY App settings.


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